CARRACK MEASUREMENT TECHNOLOGY is a small business with particular expertise and more than 30 years experience in using, designing and building instrumentation for measurement in difficult environments.

Our experience covers such divers environments as Arctic ice at temperatures down to -20 °C, deep ocean bottom pressures of up to 600 bars (about 10000 lbs per square inch) and data logging inside industrial centrifuges at accelerations up to 200 g. We've measured everything from sub-microscopic ice creep over long periods to vehicle braking performance, taking in acoustic mines and land and marine seismics on the way.

Since it was founded by Tim Owen in 1977 CARRACK has worked closely with clients including BP, Ove Arup and Partners, British Nuclear Fuels, British Geological Survey, Plessey and CEGB in the UK, as well as many Universities, Institutions and Industrial Companies in Europe, the US and Japan. We have worked on measurement systems involving generator vibration, seismic risk monitoring, water quality measurement, creep in ice flows, tectonic tilt monitoring, electrophysiological cell measurements, acoustic mine triggers, mining collapse prediction, temperature control of chemical reactions, performance monitoring of braking systems, deep ocean seismic recording systems and, most recently, logging of geotechnical data in centrifuges.

CARRACK is one of the early spin-offs from Cambridge University - now referred to as the 'Silicon Fen' phenomenon. We still work hand in hand with a number of Departments, and have unique contacts in most scientific and technical areas.

We welcome contact at an early stage in a project, and are often able to advise on the most cost effective solutions to complex problems - we favour a simple, low technology or 'off the shelf' approach to speed up initial data collection where possible. Our extensive experience in a wide-range of environments means we can often suggest original approaches, and where necessary we can design and build specialist one-off equipment very economically. We maintain a comprehensive database of external specialists who we can call upon if needed.

Contact :-   Tim Owen
CARRACK MEASUREMENT TECHNOLOGY   1 Station Rd.   Dullingham   Newmarket   Suffolk CB8 9UP U.K.
Fax/Telephone: +44-1638-507192   Cellphone: +44-468-757056

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